DrupalCamp Finland + Baltics 2021

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The Drupal communities in Finland and the Baltics are joining forces to create an online event to share experiences and technical ideas.

The focus of the guest sessions is on technical talks that are interesting to the Drupal community. If it is something you as a developer like working with or working on be it front or back, there is a high chance someone else would like to know about it too.

The event is built of community presentations, so please do consider submitting a proposal for a talk (or encourage a colleague to talk) about something you see valuable in Drupal development.

The event will be free of charge, courtesy of the Finnish Drupal Association.


All times are EET (UTC+2).


UX Equity: The added financial value of a good User Experience for your business, brand and website

Creating and designing an excellent user experience can improve the value of your company and minimise the development costs of your project drastically.

UX or a great user experience as a driver for profit potential. In this keynote I explain the 8 most important UX KPIs with which you can calculate the value of UX, explain the difference between Brand Equity and UX Equity, give detailed examples, introduce multiple ways to calculate the return on investment.

Michel van Velde

Managing Director and brand strategist at the Intracto group. (The Netherlands)

The pain of self organization

For the past year Druid has been going over a transformation process that is taking us from centrally managed organization into a self organized one. Obviously you can't just remove management and tell everyone to take care of themselves, so there's a need for new structures and ways of interaction. Our process has been iterative (read: long and painful) and it given us a lot of chances to learn from failures but also brought improvements and shown that we're on the correct path.

The session is aimed for anyone interested in new ways of working and interested in hearing what we did, what worked and what did not.

Mikko Hämäläinen

Mikko is the CEO of Druid. He's interested in agility, organizational development, dogs and coding.



Trainee perspective - Drupal website upgrade

The presentation will focus on our experiences as Drupal beginners through a client Drupal 8 project. As an ICT and Computer Science student with no previous experience with Drupal, our presentation will provide insight on the thoughts and challenges Drupal beginners might encounter and how more experienced Drupal developers could support them. Therefore our presentation will hopefully benefit both experienced Drupal developers and Drupal beginners.

Anni Luonuankoski

Aada Alastalo

Anni and Aada are developers at Exove (Finland).

Unified statistics dissemination with Drupal: The Official Statistics Portal of Latvia

Official statistics of Latvia used to be spread over approx. 40 websites and in a variety of publishing formats from PDFs and GIFs to CSV and database with API. The Official Statistics Portal was developed as a technical platform for all statistical authorities in Latvia. The new-built solution is an out-of-the-box data publishing system with integrated data visualisation, thematic maps, reference metadata and search functionality.

In the first part of the session we will reveal the reason behind development of the project and user scenarios of the Official Statistics Portal of Latvia.

The second part will focus on technical details and challenges faced during the development process. The session is aimed at system builders and statistics professionals.

Raimonds Kalniņš

Uldis Ainārs

Raimonds Kalniņš, developer at Wunder, has been building sites with Drupal for 10 years. See my Drupal profile at drupal.org/u/maijs.

Uldis Ainārs, project manager, works as Information and Communication Department director at Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Creating business value with Drupal

On the bottom line business decisions are always based on value, where value is the benefit in relationship to the cost. Drupal has a number of strong value propositions for enterprise customers:

  • Open Source
  • Coupled and decoupled (headless)
  • Multisite capabilities
  • Strong and flexible APIs
  • Built on standards
  • Secure
  • Extensible features (commerce, digital assets, product information, etc.)
  • and many more

In this session I will show how we position Drupal as a value creating platform towards our enterprise customers.

The information in this session will be backed by real case studies from our clients.

Baddý Sonja Breidert

Baddý Sonja is the CEO and co-founder of 1xINTERNET, one of the largest Drupal agencies in Germany. 1xINTERNET was founded in 2013 and has 50 employees.

Baddý has been very active in the Drupal community and has organised many Drupal events both in Iceland and Germany. Since 2018, Baddy has been a board director in the Drupal Association and is now the current Treasurer. In summer 2020, Baddy received the Aaron Winborn award which is presented annually to an individual who demonstrates personal integrity, kindness, and above-and-beyond commitment to the Drupal community.

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