Finland + Baltics Online

March 18th, 2021


The Drupal communities in Finland and the Baltics are joining forces to create an online event to share experiences and technical ideas.

The focus of the guest sessions is on technical talks that are interesting to the Drupal community. If it is something you as a developer like working with or working on be it front or back, there is a high chance someone else would like to know about it too.

The event is built of community presentations, so please do consider submitting a proposal for a talk (or encourage a colleague to talk) about something you see valuable in Drupal development.

The event will be free of charge, courtesy of the Finnish Drupal Association.

Submit a session proposal!


Call for papers for the community is open until February 25th.

This time the sessions will be short for online friendliness, 30 minutes including time for questions and answers.

The schedule will be announced on February 26th.

Streaming information

More info about streaming coming later.