DrupalCamp Helsinki is a relaxed community event that gives the local community an opportunity to connect with their local colleagues and international guests. It is a non-commercial one day event where people share, learn and cooperate.

The programme features interesting topics that give insight to the present and future of web development. Everyone interested in web world has a chance to learn something new!

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This year the programme includes one track of presentations and a separate workshop or training track, and an open translation workshop ongoing throughout the whole event.

Sessions start at 12 noon and go on until 5 pm. Translation workshop will be open after the keynote until closing session. After the official programme we will have sauna upstairs.


Janne Kalliola

Janne Kalliola

CEO, Founder


Why Open Source Matters by Making People and Companies Better through Virtual Barnraising

The keynote explores the open source projects and communities from within, and explains why people want to contribute and how this makes both the person and the world a better place.

A good open source project is analogous to barnraising. People strive to accomplish the actual goal and also work side by side for the common good. This creates a strong feeling of belonging to something bigger than themselves alone – a local community.

Belonging and meaningfulness are extremely strong motivators in current very fragmented era – and they can be harnessed for the good of the open source project, community, and participating companies. This session tells you first why and then also how.

Today you will hear what you would get by participating in an open source project; why it is so deeply motivating and empowering; and finally how to harness this energy to help you move forward faster than people and companies around you.

Guest speakers

Janne Koponen

Janne Koponen



Green tech thinking

Green is the new black. Everybody is talking about green values and taking care of our environment. In general there are two ways to impact the environmental load within the industry: building green products and making your organization environmentally aware.

But there is a third option, especially for us working on web industry. Internet, by consumption is already on par with Aviation industry by carbon emissions. And the projection is that the usage will only grow over the years.

For example, one pageload produces in average 6.8grams of CO2, 10000 pageviews equaling the emissions of an intercontinental flight. Just by reducing the size of data transfer of a pageload we can be more environmentally friendly and at the same time make end users happier by creating faster response times.

Another big environmental impact is the constant need for consumers to renew their devices due to increasing requirements to display content. Reducing this load can lead to increased lifespan of such devices and lighter load on the environment.

In this presentation I will give you a food for thought on how to introduce Green Tech Thinking in your organization and start developing more environmentally friendly services.

Mathieu Spillebeen

Mathieu Spillebeen

Feminist, hobby-philosopher, organiser of Frontend United, diversity lead of Frontend Re-United, inventor of Compony, Freelance Drupal frontend developer & interaction designer.

The future of Drupal theming?


This talk is around the potential of splitting up the theming layer of Drupal. What if you don't need to decouple, to have some fun?

What if you could make your CSS and JS over 90% more lean, with just a slice of opinion?

What if the theming layer, is actually in your way?

What if someone is going to tell you about a cutting-edge native Drupal frontend alternative?

Would you come?

Perttu Ehn

Perttu Ehn

Perttu Ehn is a long time Drupal enthusiast, currently working as a senior developer at Exove Oy. He's has a few contrib modules out there, and has built a handful of large e-commerce systems, with close integrations to various backend systems.


Agility, retrospectives and human relationships

Everyone is agile, but in their own way. Teams implement agility various ways. All teams have good, productive times and times that feel less remarkable to team members.

In this session we will walk through one sprint focusing the roles and events related to it, as how we at Exove tend to have it. After the quick "sprint recap" we'll dive into the unavoidable process which may take teams to warzone – and learn how to get out of there.

You'll leave the session with better understanding why teams hit the brick wall, and how to avoid the worst case scenarios. The teams group process during the project team must be taken into account to make project team shine as quickly as possible.

Juha Karonen

Juha Karonen



Website Hosting in China

Chinese Internet has its own rules and regulations that you have to follow before you go online in China. Every website hosted on a local server needs a special license when it goes online. This presentation goes through the process and requirements for hosting sites in China.